About Us

We are driving the transformation of B2B Ecommerce with radical transparency

Tommy is the founder and CEO of NickelCommerce. Prior to NickelCommerce, he worked as a consultant to large hospital chains and the military, helping develop innovative, cost-effective solutions for healthcare delivery. Tommy holds a Masters in Economics from Boston University and a degree in Management from the University of Texas at Austin. Outside of work, you can find him on Katy Trail preparing for a half marathon, watching baseball, exploring Europe, or at a UT football game.
Rory is a cofounder of NickelCommerce and leads product development. He lived in London and worked in financial compliance at RWC Partners, a hedge fund, prior to moving home to Texas to work on NickelCommerce. At RWC, he was instrumental in the operation of a fund with $14B in assets under management. Rory holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. When not working, you can find Rory playing piano, traveling, or grabbing a cheeky pint with friends.

Our Story

-- The Beginning --

As a junior in college, Tommy interned at a shipping supply company in outside sales. As one might expect from watching The Office, the job was boring and required him to hawk boxes and tape to up to 40 businesses a week. While it was a great learning experience, it was also a frustrating process.. always driving around cold calling, having to guess what customers were buying, and haggling back and forth with buyers on pricing. Tommy imagined that his customers were equally frustrated by 'the annoying sales guy' dropping by, lack of choices, and constantly changing prices on items for unexplained reasons.

-- A Seed Planted --

On one particularly frustrating customer visit, Tommy was turned away from a business with whom he had a scheduled appointment. However, there was a silver lining in this cancellation. The customer apologized for not having time, gave Tommy a competitor's invoice, and said 'Go back to your office and beat these prices, and I will go with you guys.' This was an epiphany for Tommy. It was the easiest sale he had ever made, because it removed all of the stress and waste from the purchasing process. On that day, he knew he needed to create a transparent platform that would bring this improved means of transacting commerce to millions.

-- The Execution --

Having a great idea and building a great business are two radically different propositions. As such, it took Tommy years to develop the business acumen and web development skills necessary to implement his grand scheme. However, after ten years of learning and improving, he officially launched NickelCommerce in 2017. After several product pivots and hundreds of meetings with small business owners, Tommy finally started to see traction on his site. He called in his old high school buddy Rory to help manage the onslaught of invoices, and they have been steadily building and improving the NickelCommerce platform ever since.

Our Why

We believe strongly in transparency, fair competition, and the power of small businesses.

Current ecommerce systems are broken and have failed to prioritize the ideals we believe in most.

Our goal is to fundamentally transform how commerce is transacted to make it more efficient and fair.