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Share cost information anonymously.

Receive better offers.

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How NickelCommerce Works For Buyers






Upload your invoices to NickelCommerce. We store your invoices virtually, track your product costs, and allow you to forward invoices on to your accountant.

We create an anonymous profile for you and share your product costs on the NickelCommerce marketplace. You can see what other buyers are paying for the same products and receive better offers from suppliers for items on your invoices.

All of your information remains anonymous until you choose to accept a supplier offer and share your contact information.

Your current cost may be high By comparing bids, you find the best deal


NickelCommerce is a transparent marketplace. We allow you to compare what you currently pay with what everyone else is paying. Additionally, we provide you with insights about your data, like how much your individual product costs are increasing over time. More information leads to smarter purchasing decisions.

We also search other small businesses for how much they pay for the same or similar products and will notify you if there's a better place to buy your products.

Then purchase the item


If you choose to accept a supplier offer, NickelCommerce will simply share your contact information with the supplier, and they will reach out to you via phone or email.

Your business process stays the exact same, and you never make a payment or order through NickelCommerce. All we do is connect you to suppliers with better offers.

Arrange Delivery with your New Supplier


Products will always be delivered by the supplier that made you an offer. NickelCommerce does not handle shipping.

You can discuss delivery and payment terms with the supplier when they initially reach out to you, just as you do now.

Buyer Benefits of Joining

Cost Tracking

Store and forward your invoices, track product costs over time, and receive weekly price increase alerts.

Market Transparency

See what other companies are paying for the same products, and discover which vendors are most competitive.


Better Offers

Solicit more competitive offers from suppliers. When suppliers know what you pay, they know the price to beat.

Small businesses save big with NickelCommerce

We can save buyers anywhere from 5% to 53% on items they use everyday.

Barbeque Restaurant - 75209

M-Fold Napkins - reduced yearly cost by 16%

Tall-Fold Napkins - reduced yearly cost by 9%

8 x 8 x 3'' Foam Container, 1 Compartment - reduced yearly cost by 6%

8 x 8 x 3'' Foam Container, 3 Compartment - reduced yearly cost by 6%

Tall-Fold Napkins

Retail Homegoods - 76182

Industrial Packing Tape, 2x110 yds - 53% cost reduction

Two Inch Packing Tape

Online Retail - 77418

6 x 6 x 2'' Corrugated Box - 17% cost reduction

15 x 20'' Kraft Paper - 9% cost reduction

Silver Kraft Bags, 16 x 6 x 12'' - 10% cost reduction

6 x 6 x 2 Corrugated Box

Buyer Subscription Cost

First month free
- and -
$50/mo* after
* per location

What's included

  • Cost tracking across suppliers
  • Access to all costs on the network
  • Invoice storage and forwarding
  • Weekly insights on cost trends
  • Cost stability and reduction
  • Competitive supplier offers
  • Local market product comparisons
  • Purchasing peace of mind
  • Easy to use graphing, analysis tools
  • Cost filtering by product category

How NickelCommerce Works For Suppliers






NickelCommerce helps you find new customers by letting you search buyer invoices. Yes, you read that right.

Simply input a name or description of what you sell to see what buyers are currently paying for comparable products.

You can also search for businesses in specific industries - for example, Restaurants - or browse all of the costs that a particular buyer has shared.

Bid on Buyer Costs


The point of making buyer costs transparent is for suppliers to make buyers more competitive offers. We want to connect buyers with the best distributors and eliminate the "price guessing game" that so often hampers a salesforce when approaching new customers.

The NickelCommerce platform allows you to make an offer to a potential buyer if you can provide them a better deal.

Once you make an offer to a buyer, they receive a notification and can review your offer.

Buyer: NickelCommerce Inc.
Email: tommy@nickelcommerce.com
Phone: 972-863-2747


If your offer is accepted, NickelCommerce will share the buyer's contact information with you.

It is your responsibility to reach out to the buyer to negotiate payment terms and shipping. NickelCommerce is merely a conduit to connect buyers and suppliers, not a distibutor.

Ship Your Products


Once you have discussed pricing, quantity, payment, and delivery with the buyer, ship the products and invoice as usual.

Congratulations, you have a new customer!

By removing the guesswork from sales and providing real-time, transparent purchasing information, NickelCommerce allows suppliers to focus on what they do best. Finding new leads and increasing sales volume has never been so easy!

Supplier Benefits of Joining

Find New Customers

Find buyers who are already buying what you sell, and connect with them. More customers = more sales.

Save Time Prospecting

NickelCommerce allows you to do more with less. Who needs a monster salesforce on the ground if you have unprecedented customer access?

Market Intelligence

Discover how competitive your pricing is without having to send a salesperson out or pay for out-of-date information.

Supplier Subscription Cost

What's included

  • Real cost data from real buyers
  • Access to all buyers on the network
  • Unmatched market intelligence
  • Buyer purchasing data by location
  • Revenue growth possibilities
  • Contact and make offers to buyers
  • Steady stream of new leads
  • Unique supplier homepage
  • Product cost graphs and trend data
  • Ability to upload product catalogs
First month free
- and -
$250/mo* after
* per user